We love Danielle Steel.

A lot.

Why? We can't pinpoint; there are many reasons to adore this SF-based writer. Her soft-focused images on the back of her books; her rumored affection for SFist mascot Vanessa Getty; her shifting into reverse with homely SF society; her daughters (fun!); her sons (sexy!); her home (insane!); her work (scintillating!); her money (loads!) -- we can't pick one reason. We just kinda like the gal. And according to a recent article on shoes, here's yet another to love la Steel:

[Barneys shoe sales associate John Rutenberg] says Barneys shoppers aren't flinching at the prices. "Danielle Steel spends $4 [million] to $5 million a year at Barneys on shoes for herself and her children," he says, adding that the Beverly Hills store "sells $22 million in footwear per year."

Wasting money, contrary to what you've heard, is both fun and decadent. Way to go, Danielle.

(Ew. Forgive us for this momentary Sex and the City moment; may God save us all from the many, many, MANY tired shows and blogs Darren Star has helped spawn.)

LA Times