Date Box! Hollie read the note, and eight girls, including herself, would be putting on some kind of runway show. Oh, "The Bachelor." We have seen "Project Runway;" "Project Runway" is our friend on MySpace; and you, show, are no "Project Runway." Amy wasn't there, so we won't bother with any more of this date.

The date Amy DID go on was a trip to Las Vegas. (Apropos of nothing, but Matt has very rosy cheeks.) The girls played some tables for 30 minutes, and whoever had the most chips at the end would get to spend 30 minutes of alone time with him at the end of the evening. Some drunk girl besides Amy won the date, and Shayne went nuts and told Matt she didn't appreciate him looking at all those other girls. Ummm. Yeah. Later Shayne locked herself in the bathroom in tears, and Amy had to console her.