Previously on "America's Next Top Model," Marvita got boned.

In the Top Model Lair, Marvita confessed that she can't stay in relationships for long, and doesn't do the whole kissing and holding hands thing. She realizes it has a lot to do with her past molestation and rape, of course, so if she doesn't want to hold hands and make-out, who can blame her?

The Tyra Crawl said something about "3 C's," so the chicks headed out to a warehouse and were met by Benny Ninja, the "posing instructor." He was accompanied by supermodel Vendela, and they learned that the three C's of posing are commercial, cat walk, and couture. And also catalog, which really makes it four C's. One would think that commercial and catalog would be the same thing, but they kept making the models pose as if it were different, so who the hell knows. Marvita looked like she was posing for an ad about stomach cramps.