Our buddies over at Curbed just received word that things are getting zany at Market and Montgomery, gangland territory for the messenger community. In yet another of moment of annoying and effective-free protest happening around the city today, cyclists and gimmicky Code Pink are currently acting up. Check it:

The scene surrounding Market and Montgomery Streets has turned tense as what was a peaceful protest has erupted into a confrontation between police and the usual suspects: hipster radical bikers and Code Pink. According to our on-the-ground informant, a team of earnest 10-speeders just bombed into the intersection, circling incessantly and blocking traffic as Code Pinkers jumped around with their pink boas and screamed a lot. Or something.

Also: this? Is insane. And, in typical fashion, misguided. If anyone wanted to have a lasting impact, then they would head over to, say, Presidio Terrace where they might actually find an actual living and breathing Republican who disagrees with them. Or better yet: carpool to Tracy, Stockton, Fresno, etc. and try to change some minds.

Image credit: Curbed