Tomorrow begins the annual March and Rally to End the War Now frenzy. (Has it been five years since we invaded and occupied Iraq? Where does the time go.) And for all of you attending the rally, and for all you neo-cons who won't, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has advised us to advise you of the following:

Several anti-war activities are expected to take place on Wednesday. They will be held primarily in the downtown and Civic Center areas. Muni customers wishing to go downtown are encouraged to take the Metro subway lines, if possible. Motorists are advised to allow extra travel time and to avoid the congested areas.

That is to say, choose the underground trains over the bus lines that drain into downtown SF. Like you normally would. Oh, and there might be some re-routing as well.

Muni street supervisors will monitor for re-routes and the San Francisco Police Department will monitor traffic for any necessary closures.

The March and Rally to End the War Now starts at 5 p.m. at Civic Center, Polk and Grove Streets, Wednesday, March 19. Remember to have fun at tomorrow's big bash. Do say "hi" to Frank Chu for us if we can't make it.