* MUSIC: Dig the tunes of Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment--jazz soudns that mash up folk, free improvisation, noise, drum 'n' bass, and rock--while dining on the vile tangy taste of sauerkraut! Tonight's "Fermented Music & Fermented Sauerkraut" concert will also feature Seth Augustus pumping out "surreal tales accompanied by his mutated Delta blues guitar."

FILM: For those of you too shockingly brilliant to watch A.I. tonight, might we instead offer you the acclaimed work of Jennifer Reeves? Her films are described as a "poetic response to a violent, deranged world"--egads!--and tonight's agoraphobic tale, The Time We Killed, starring poet Lisa Jarnot, is about a Brooklyn scribe too scared to leave her house.

We feel you on that, Reeves.

7:30 p.m. // Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Screening Room (701 Mission) // $6-$10

CLUB: STDs are made light of every third Tuesday at "The Clap." Expect power pop, glam rock, Eurowave, rock, disco, and electro sounds coming at you on the dance floor, hard.

10 p.m. // Aunt Charlie's Lounge (133 Turk) // $3

The listed events were chosen by the editors of SFist and brought to you by the Click Here2009 Toyota Corolla.

8 p.m. // Climate Theatre (285 - 9th Street) // $10-$15