Here's the crazy thing we learned about the movie Ping Pong Playa from the film's website. Jimmy Tsai who plays the buffoonish Chinese-American version of the arrested development suburban guy who appropriates all the sensibilities of an urban, b-ball playing, smack-talking homeboy, with the aplomb of a career comedian, is actually a mild-mannered movie production accountant for Better Luck Tomorrow director Justin Lin's company in real life. Director Jessica Yu first encountered Tsai's alter-ego "C-dub" when he was promoting his sportswear business at a movie screening and a script was born.

Screening an SFIAAFF film at 9:30 pm on a Monday night is a challenging way to start any movie but when we saw a grown man joyfully kicking the butts of, essentially a pack of sixth graders on the basketball court, well, let's just say he had us at "holla!"

Still from Ping Pong Playa. SFist Mihi, contributing.

After the jump: hilarious oversensitivity to perceived racial slights, a hard-working model minority member, and.... a golden cock? Ha ha ha ha ha!