Previously on "America's Next Top Model," local hopeful Marvita got a horse 'do.

The Tyra scrawl crawl told the girls to "turn up the heat or they'll get hosed." So they went to a firehouse where Miss J. told them to get dressed quick like bunnies into sexy firefighter outfits so some sexy firefighters could judge their walks. WHAT?! Marvita has issues with not moving her arms, kinda like the character Molly Shannon played on "Seinfeld." Fatima's walk was atrocious. And Amis skipped. NO idea why any of that had to happen in a firehouse.

Back at the house Marvita got mad at Amy because Amy doesn't like showering in front of other people, and thus prefers her bathroom time to be alone time. And somehow this led to Fatima yelling at Whitney. THESE WOMEN MAKE NO SENSE.