Last night at the surprisingly gorgeous housing projects HOPE VI revitalization program, Valencia Gardens -- as close to every cyclists' and Quentin Tarantino's favorite local beer garden -- there was a shooting, reportedly, over at 14th Street and Valencia. While we have yet to confirm the incident, according to a tipster:

Outside my building at 14th and Valencia. From the cops outside it seems like some sort of argument was taking place. The victim was taken away in an ambulance, no clue about his condition. The shooter apparently ran off with a female accomplice...[t]he police have amassed around the entrance to Valencia Gardens and are apparently in talks with the perpetrators of the shooting on 14th and Valencia. SWAT appears to be there and everything.

We have yet to hear back from authorities regarding the shooting. But in the meantime, anyone have further details as to what, exactly, went down at San Francisco's most attractive project?