Check out the anti-gay truck motoring around town today. Isn't it adorable? Fortunately for it, it lacks any "anti-oak tree" or "pro-Marine recruitment" signage, which would've really pissed off locals Bay Area do-gooders.

Surprisingly, these anti-gay marriage folks are probably going to win regarding the state's decision as to who is and who isn't a human being allowed to marry. Why is this debate still going on? It's a waste of time, money, energy, and brain cells. Annoying.

Anyway, for more images of the anti-queer action gong on around town to say, follow the jump. And, please, we request you refrain from labeling the anti-gay marriage protesters as closet cases. People who are struggling with their sexual orientation deserve better. And we never fully understood that clumsy argument, which akin to saying that, say, the Klan or neo-Nazi skinheads are secretly black or Jewish. Some people are just hateful, period.