Warriors 110 Trail Blazers104 - Okay, let's rattle off some numbers now. The Warriors were 4-1 on their just finished homestand and have won seven out of their last nine games. Since Jan 9th, when they last lost to the Blazers, they have been 16-6 and have gotten over 100 points in each of their games. The biggest number is 14, as in they are 14 games over .500, the first time they've been that since the 93-94 season. For those of you looking for some perspective, Kurt, Biggie, and Tupac were all still alive then. And now the bad news-- that in the West, this makes them only an eighth place seed.

Besides making the playoffs, obvs, the biggest intrigue for fans of the W is who their opponent will be in the playoffs. The eighth spot could get them either the Spurs or Lakers (ugh and really ugh). However, with the Suns, Mavs, and Rockets falling, the Ws could move up a few spots and get the Hornets (unknown) or the Jazz (double ugh). What does all this mean? That the West is brutal.

-Candlestick will no longer be known as Monster Park but will go back to being Candlestick. The reasons are complicated-- involving everything from meddlesome San Francisco politics to full on spite by the Yorks-- but we wonder what difference does it make anyways? Some company could buy the rights to that stadium and nobody would ever call it by the corporate name. It is and will forever be the 'Stick.