Whenever a presidential candidate announces his VP choice this early in the game, it's either to try to help him win a state, or to strengthen a weakness. Take, for example, Bill Clinton who chose Al Gore to help him win the South. And in 2000, George Bush selected Dick Cheney to help alleviate his complete lack of experience. So with that, we announce that Ralph Nader's Vice President pick is our very own Matt Gonzalez. Yay!

Also: huh?

Obviously the choice makes sense. Nader has a well-deserved reputation as a bit of a boring drip, so Gonzalez will help him with the hipster/artist types who will instantly fall in love with our one-time mayoral candidate's dreamy eyes and foppish hair. Plus,it will also give Nader a chance to win the electorally-rich Mission and Haight hoods.

As for Gonzalez? Well, we're guessing this awesome VP opportunity will help him grab lingering Nader supporters across the country. As for the almost impossible odds the Nader/Gonzalez team face? Matt says that he "has never entered a political campaign without the idea that it could be won."