We'll 'fess up. We haven't been to the Cow Palace since the 2005 Tattoo Expo. With that said, we're a bit torn with how to feel about the possibility of the Cow Palace being demolished. With such historical events as the Beatles playing there and John F. Kennedy speaking to the masses about starting the Peace Corp, on that hand alone, we'd hate to see this place go.

The other hand, however, has to admit that the Cow Palace is an eyesore. The proposal on the table is to allow Daly City to purchase the property and bulldoze to bits redevelop the Cow Palace's 68 acres. According to the Chron, the plan is to "build a grocery store, bank, housing and other projects that will benefit people in the underserved areas - including San Francisco's Visitacion Valley - that border the Cow Palace."

We're all for creating some business for the Visitacion Valley area and helping create a better neighborhood and environment near the Cow Palace. And while we're not die-hard historical site preservationists, we have a soft spot for the Beatles, too. The Chron article has some good arguments for/against the venue that's worth reading over to help confuse you more make up your mind.

Tonight will be a public forum at the Bayshore Community Center at 450 Martin St. in Daly City. If you feel very strongly about the issue, attend and see what has to be said about the proposal. (And let us know how it goes, will ya?)