Sure, these places look like the types of fine dining establishments none of us could afford. Nevertheless we were delighted to read in this morning's New York Times ("Coast to Coast, Restaurants That Count") that San Francisco's Coi and Napa Valley's Ubuntu (a critically-acclaimed restaurant that also doubles as a yoga studio, oh my God) made Frank Bruni's top ten restaurants in the country. Yay us!

Regarding Ubuntu, Bruni says:

What kind of Kumbaya cuisine was I in for?

Several fistfuls of lavender-dusted almonds, some truffle-flecked polenta and an avocado pudding later, I had my answer: inspired, exhilarating cooking of a caliber I couldn’t have imagined.

The fact that we're eating flavor-blasted Pepperidge Farm Goldfish right and not "truffle-flecked polenta" truly saddens us.

And with Coi, which sounds like a mesmerizing place to stuff your face, he goes on to say that "[a]t Coi the chef Daniel Patterson means to create small works of culinary art, unveiled in a hushed gallery." Delicious! Make your reservation soon -- and don't forget to invite us! -- because after a tip of the hat in the , these two places will be hard to crack.