After months of studies, surveys, and community meetings, Gavin and Muni honchos finally unveiled new plans to solve everyone's issues with Muni. The proposed changes? Adding service to popular lines, decreasing service in less popular lines, and possibly eliminating service to those loser lines nobody likes and sit by themselves at lunchtime. Also in the proposed changes will be things like new bus-only lanes, rerouting some lines, going after lazy drivers, adding Express buses to other lines and adding a new first class service for frequent riders consisting of champagne cocktails and reclining seats.

The changes were based on rider feedback as well as a study of how many riders ride each lane. The study showed that 75% of the riders are found on 15 lines and so service should be pumped up on those lines. These lines include the 14 Mission line and the 38 Geary. Those lines should get more buses as well as more Express buses. On the chopping block are lines such as the 26 Valencia and the 37 Corbett. Among changes to routes are the 24 Divisadero which will now go to through the Bayview and the Mission through 24th Street.

Also mentioned as a possibility are fare increases but officials think all the changes will increase ridership and thus kill the need for fare increases.

Now, none of these changes will be easy. So far, any proposed change to any line has been fought tough and nail by all those affected (we personally believe all the current routes should be blown up and rebuilt from scratch) and Gavin has said that since he won't be running for reelection, he can take the heat. And before all this goes into effect, there will be the usual community hearings as well as an environmental report.