Oh dear. A hefty-sized earthquake hit northeastern Nevada this morning. You know what that means, don't you? Time to sound the alarm for everyone in the Bay Area to get prepared.

Not sure what to do? Well then, check out the following info:

  • For more safety information about emergency on tips surviving an earthquake, here are some handy do's & don'ts.
  • For free training in disaster and emergency response, visit NERT -- Neighborhood Emergency Response Team
  • For tips on making your humble abode safer, go to Quakeinfo.org.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, 415-923-7100
  • American Red Cross, 415-427-8000
  • Visit 72Hours.org to help sooth your earthquake paranoia. (For 72Hours.org's suggestions on creating your very own earthquake emergency kit, which we highly recommend doing, follow the jump. Because we're sure as hell not sharing our Vienna sausages with you when the big one hits.)

    Image credit: Carl Poston