One such is artist Misako Inaoka. We stumbled onto her website a few months ago, and were pleasantly surprised to find out she was located here. We like the way Misako’s work juxtaposes a variety of materials and its emphasis on fantastical creatures. You currently have opportunities to see her work at Root Division, and Bucheon Gallery. Beginning in March she will be an artist in residency at the De Young

What's your take on the art in the Bay Area?
Thanks to many non-profit art organizations and supportive galleries, I think there are lots of good emerging artists are coming out. But, many of the shows in the Museums and established galleys in Downtown are not very exciting because the city itself does not have good understanding/support for the arts.

Any advice to artists?
Help other artists. Just make what you want to make, but not what you think you 'should' make.

What should people notice about your art, that maybe they don't?
I don't think I need to say that everyone has their own way of seeing my work.

Where are your favorite places to see art in the Bay Area?
Artists' studios.