• 47-year-old Antonia Vargas was found lying dead on her porch in Richmond today. Her body was found on the "2400 block of Andrade Avenue by a colleague who normally drives her to work," and she was attacked with an "edged weapon." There were no reports of suspicious activity in the area that night and the fuzz hasn't a clue yet as to what occurred. If you know of anything, sleuthy readers, snitch to the Richmond police at 510-233-1214.
  • Last night a little after 10 p.m., a man was found shot to death in a vehicle in Bayview-Hunter's Point on the 1000 block of Fitzgerald Avenue."The man, who has not been identified by the San Francisco medical examiner's office, died later at San Francisco General Hospital," making this the city's eighth homicide of the year so far. Voila.
  • One Monday night an 18-year-old was arrested for attempted murder after a shooting across from the UN Plaza left one man hospitalized. It seems that while officers from the San Francisco Police Department's Gang Task Force were in the midst of an enforcement operation in the 'loin, "they heard gunshots and saw a man limping across McAllister Street, and another running down the street with a handgun." Yikes. Good timing, coppers.

    The suspect, Pierre Ragland, was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, assault, carrying a loaded firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon. Oops. And the victim was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital, and it looks like he's pull through. (And to add insult to injury: "Oh my God, who shot you?" "This guy named Pierre." Ouch.)