(...a rainy day, in SF town.)

Heavens, no! You don't have to stay at home this weekend just because of a few pregnant storm clouds looming overhead. And you most certainly don't have to BART it to the Metreon, as most of us do during this kind weather, only to wind up staring down the barrel of some teenager's illegal firearm. 71Miles, a stellar travel site focused exclusively on regional travel, has some grand tips for chasing the S.A.D. blues away over the next few days. A few of our favorites:

Cozy up in a booth at a beachside diner. Skip the Cliff House in favor of next-door-neighbor Louis’ restaurant, a greasy-spoon diner with million-dollar ocean views—and it’s hardly changed since it opened in 1937. If the rain lets up, work off your milkshake on a hike down the hill to explore the ruins of the Sutro Baths.

Take the kids to the Tactile Dome. Instead of watching Finding Nemo for the 38th time, book a visit to the Tactile Dome at the Exploratorium, and feel your way through pitch-black darkness using only your sense of touch. Guaranteed to blow your mind. Reservations essential.