It appears that Al Davis re-emerged from his cryogenic chamber to get into a nasty spitball spat with Lane Kiffin. Apparently, Al is a little upset that the Raiders once again didn't have a winning season and blames himself Lane. He is also pretty miffed that Lane talked him into trading Randy Moss. It's a little unclear as to what is going on as ESPN and the Chron have differing accounts but it appears that Al is trying to get Lane to quit so he doesn't have to fire him.

Apparently, Al wrote some sort of "Dear Lane" letter telling Lane that he will no longer have any control over coaching and personnel decisions. He also took away Lane's key to the executive bathroom. Lane didn't budge. ESPN then says that Lane's response to all this put Al in such a tizzy that he wrote a resignation letter to Lane and asked him to sign. Lane ain't. Or at least we think that's what is going on-- again, it's a little unclear as to what exactly is happening. The key thing in all of this is that if Lane were to be fired, Al would owe him $4 million for the remaining part of Lane's contract and since Al’s a cheap-ass bastard, he's trying to get Lane to quit so he doesn't have to pay him the money. Lane obviously wants to be fired so he can collect the $4 million without passing Go.

Supposedly, Dennis Green, of "they are who we thought they are" fame is rumored to be the Raiders new boss. That quote, come to think of it, should be a warning to Dennis if ever there was.

Regardless, this is one more point in the Raider's column in the heated contest for "Most Hilariously Dysfunctional Franchise" in sports, something for which the Knicks had pulled way ahead in. Hey, the Raiders might as well excel in something.