Or maybe the movie isn't racist at all -- maybe it's just the trailer. It introduces us to Will Smith by showing him in tattered clothes, seemingly drunk, sleeping on a park bench. Then he sexually assaults a white woman. And then there's a montage of him attempting to use his superpowers to foil crimes; except he keeps screwing things up because he's lazy, brutish, horny, and incapable of abstract reasoning; and even though he's been given allllllll those superpowers, even the most amazing black man in the world is just a plain old nuisance. What the hell is this movie about?

Now, we're no experts on racial semiotics. The staff of SFist is pretty fair-skinned. Are we the only ones bothered by this, or is it offensive to Negroes, too? We don't know any black people whom we can ask; but if you do, we'd love to read your comments.