It was standing room only at the Mezzanine, and the place was already packed to the gills when we arrived fifteen minutes before the show. This made us a little bummed -- standing for several hours staring at a bunch of rock bands can be exhausting enough, but luckily, we got to sit on the edge of a couch upstairs and hunch down to watch all the acts below the railing. At one point, two of the geeks (Sam Weir and an uber-hip Bill Haverchuck) from Freaks and Geeks sat in front of us with their female entourage. Update: We were just told that freak Lindsey Weir was also hanging out with the geeks -- we're not sure why we didn't recognize her.

All the acts were fabulous, but since there was such a huge line-up, each one only seemed to last about ten minutes. Even Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman took note of the weird nightclub set-up. "It's going to be a looong night," noted Jon Benjamin. "Thanks for standing," quipped Eugene Mirman at one point. We think the event would have been much better had it spread out over two nights or something.

Photo of Tim and Eric by Jakub Mosur

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