Starting this week, as we all know by now, Palme d'Or-winning writer/directer Gus Van Sant starts filming Milk on our pretty yet smelly streets. But Gustave needs your help, folks. On Monday night, Feb. 4, and Friday night, Feb. 8, he will require you use your thespionic skills during several march reenactments. If you go here and register, you will be used. All ages, races and genders are just dandy; however, you must be 18 or over to participate. Alas.

A few things to know before going into your debut film, costume-wise:

Items that are DISCOURAGED
  • NO Trendy designer jeans with overt modern finishes; extremely faded legs, wiskering, embroidery, large logos, etc. [i.e., no zhooshing, fags. -- bk]
  • NO clothing with branding such as Abercrombie, Nike, Gap, etc; NO overt phrases or logos.
  • NO clothing items that are made from identifiable modern materials such as Polar Fleece, Velcro, gore tex, etc.
  • NO modern-looking sneakers that appear to be made with advanced materials, air pumps, clear rubbers, etc.
  • NO Garish bright colors such as BRIGHT white or red, or "Wacky" disco-themed '70s "Halloween Costumes" [i.e., no burners]
Items that are ENCOURAGED:
  • Stuff that will make you look like you're in a Gus Van Sant movie. [Or something like that.]

And as a thanks for participation, you will get to sit in the Castro Theater and watch a documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk, on Monday, Feb 4th at the Castro Theater. Filmmakers Rob Epstein, Cleve Jones, Gus Van Sant, and members of the cast will be on hand to thank you all you peons for your effort.