Timberwolves 109 Warriors 108- And how did the Warriors celebrate not only MLK Day but the official start of George Bush's last year in office? They lost to the worst team in the NBA, the Minnesota Timberwolves as an Al Harrington lay up in the final seconds clanged off the rim. The TWolves had lost 16 straight games on the road. Of interest is the fact that the Beard had only fifteen points and missed a couple of shots at the end of the game, this coming after spending the previous night partying in Sundance as the movie he produced, "Made in America," premiered. That might have had an effect on his performance, but we're going to let it slide as how many basketball teams feature a player who produces a documentary that makes it to Sundance?

-A few notes about Sunday's playoff games: We here at SFist have a rule about playoff games played in freezing temperatures in that whichever coach appears to be less spooked by the cold wins. Coughlin dressed like it was just a normal winter game and other than looking like he got frostbite, didn't appear to be bothered at all. Mike McCarthy, the Packers coach, dressed like Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story. We also couldn't help notice that while Eli looked completely nonplussed by the weather, Favre looked miserable out there.