Of course there's all sorts of different kinds of sidewalk parking. You can park on a sidewalk leaving plenty of space for peds to get by, or you can park in front of your house halfway in your driveway, or you can leave two wheels on the street. But it doesn't really matter because you can get a ticket for doing any of these. Remember, the era of parking tickets as low as $25 are long gone.

If you're a "born and raised in San Francisco" type and you remember the good old days, then getting a ticket might really get your goat. ("" Indeed.)

Sidewalk parking certainly can add to pedestrian danger." Let's be considerate out there, people!

The rule continues to be: not seen = not cited. So you might need to be a snitch if you want to fix things. Just call (415) 553-1200. (This number also works for other offenses as well, like when you spot a "typical Audi - silver, spotless, arrogant" in your space or something.) Drivers, please try to stay off of those sidewalks.

We are F O R C E D to park in our driveways!!! Only to receive a $50 parking ticket for doing so.