While two snow leopards at the San Francisco Zoo were in the process of being moved from their pen to another location "for routine maintenance," one of the male snow leopards, Gurja, almost escaped. Gulp. According to CBS 5:

The unidentified source told KCBS Radio the male leopard, named Gurja, had its head and front leg through the hole when the zookeeper saw what was happening and locked herself in the animal's exhibit area. The zookeeper was then able to use food to lure the leopard back into a secure cage and close the door.

Did they use Fancy Feast? We bet they used Fancy Feast to lure him back. Our cat just loves Fancy Feast.

While no one was injured in yesterday's near escape, SF Zoo officials called this "a 'near miss' in regard to their safety," and Mark Geragos laughed an evil laugh while twisting the tip of his pointy mustache. CBS 5's report goes on to say that "the zoo was open at the time of the incident, but apparently public safety was not compromised." According to the SF Zoo's site, the white leopards are "opportunistic predators, eating whatever meat they can find, often killing animals three times their size." That, and they're so cute!