Yeah, we could hardly believe the headline ourselves. Do people have no shame?

We missed this one, but yesterday Mayor Gavin Newsom's town car was vandalized by a parolee. Outside Newsom's Russian Hill apartment, Gregory Burgos, 41, was sauntering down the road, saw le Gav's shiny black car along with the two officers inside it (assigned to protect the Mayor), pulled out a sharp object of sorts, and scraped it along the side of the vehicle. (An aside: do his bodyguards work 24 hours protecting him? Impressive.)

Whether or not the assailant knew that the car in question was that of our dear mayor's remains to be answered. But according to the Examiner, Burgos then took off after his sudden urge at self-expression, which lead to an early morning chase. "When the officer caught up to Burgos a couple blocks away...there was an intense struggle before the man was taken into custody."

The city-issued car is listed in stable condition. Burgos was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism, resisting arrest, and violating his parole. Oh snap. The wrong car to mess with, Greg.

Altered image credit: Examiner file photo