Although we can hardly see our computer screen through the hurricane of tears pouring from our eyes, we present to you the following poem of pain for Tatiana the tiger, penned by SFist poet laureate Ginadee62 in response to "Tatiana the Tiger's Official MySpace Memorial Page." This reader easily wins the award for Comment of the Week.

Read it. And weep.

Beautiful and majestic Tatiana, what have they done to you...the creatures, said to be the most civilized on the planet.
You longed to run, longed to roam, they lust to gawk and confer.
Your gold and black fur glistened in the blazing sun, you panted and could not figure out why it all seemed so strange to you.
You were so young when the creatures brought you here.
Memories and flashbacks, confusing to you.
Nature's beauty and unlimited miles of freedom you did know.
Now you are here and all you did was leap.
Yet you leaped too far, leaped too long. You found yourself amongst the creatures, the creatures who ran about, shouting in fear.
Flashbacks again, confusing to you.