--Resignation is irrevocable
--Ed cannot hold office in SF for 5 years. (Is Burlingame city council still up for grabs, though?)
--No admission of guilt by Ed (so will this come in for the city criminal trial?)
--In exchange, the city drops the civil suit and Gavin Newsom's investigation.
--Ed was not present at the press conference, on advice of counsel. (drat.)
--Does not affect federal case, though Ed's attorney discussed possible settlement of that one too.
--Ed's attorney called him naive (sure, that's one way of putting it).
--Settlement agreement is 9 pages long; Herrera says this particular offer has been on the table for awhile.
--Ed's attorney says Ed'll never run for office again.
--This litigation cost the city $300,000 (we assume that doesn't include charges for the criminal case).
--Blood Diamond Of Death mayor Gavin Newsom to give press conference at 2 p.m.

Well, at least now Ed can move back to Burlingame, where all his shoes are. More updates as they happen!

LOLJEW picture by the beloved KWillets. Still love this one!