Who could forget last year's public display of hair pulling and uncontrollable sobbing surrounding the Barleycorn's closure? We almost did until we read Eater's news that the Barleycorn will - get this - turn into another Irish pub called Duffy's Irish Pub. Ta-da. Word has it, straight from Luisa Hanson's mouth according to Eater, that the still-empty space at 1415 Larkin is set to open come February '08. Although a visable lack of renovation seems to suggest otherwise.

Restaurateur Luisa Hanson purchased the building last year and, to her credit, never promised to keep the beloved Barelycorn's doors open, even after a San Francisco Board of Supervisors attempt at preservation. "Angry blogs, forums, and even a YouTube video" followed her purchase of the holy hooch space.

Eater suggests that given the "current holy martyr status of the Barleycorn, Duffy's has pretty hard act to follow ... like watching the LBJ presidency, in pub form." So true. But if the prices are cheap and the seats prove irresistibly comfy, patrons tends to leave local politics and feuds outside the door. We shall see.

Rendered image credit goes to Eater.