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Don't be fooled by the juvenile hand-writing or Crayola markers on the cover of this album. This is anything but juvenile. Each song Sia creates an emotional journey - sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorically - where she discovers something very important. The life-saving "Little Black Sandals" lets us see her struggle on starting a new life. She sings, "These little black sandals/Are walking me away/These little black sandals/Saved my life today." Sia travels back and forth between hopeful optimism and deep emotional betrayal. The heartfelt pleas in "The Girl" seem a bit shallow until you realize that the song is really called "The Girl [You Lost to Cocaine]." "No I don't need drama, so I'm walking away/Yeah I am a girl with a lot on her plate." Yikes.

In "You Have Been Loved" her lover walks away and she is left behind feeling empty: "Only sadness remains/And it will pass." This album ends up being emotionally-charged without being superficial and meaningless yet somehow it still remains upbeat. If you missed her last show at the Fillmore, it's okay, she's back in February (the 18th to be exact). Get your tickets now; it was nearly sold-out last time.

Download: "Day Too Soon" and "You Have Been Loved"

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