It's not, apparently. Witness this letter signed by Mark Geragos just yesterday. It goes on and on. (And there's more here in the Geragos interview with the San Jose Mercury News) We knew that drugs and alcohol were involved, but we hadn't heard one particular rumor about some people ("the boys" - how old are they exactly?) being kicked out of "an establishment" before coming to the zoo. DH's succinct reply is here.

Is this the way it's going to be for the next umptiump months? The tiger grotto wall could/should have been higher, but that doesn't mean the search for the facts ends there. The family of Carlos Sousa Jr. also would like to know more of the events of that day. San Francisco is blessed with more than its fair share of excellent employees at the city attorney office, but it looks like their hunt for evidence of the truth of what occurred is going to be a long slog.

So far, Dennis Herrera is ahead on points. To be continued.

Update: There is some dispute as to whether the "kids" will be charged for any activity on Christmas Day. The latest appears to be that no decision has yet been made, which makes sense. It's still early. As far as other charges from 2007 per the Monterey County Herald:

Paul Dhaliwal was arrested for being drunk in public on March 24 after being seen allegedly drinking beer and smoking marijuana at an In-N-Out Burger on Capitol Expressway. He was sentenced to attend 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. On Sept. 7, Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal were arrested in charges of public drunkenness. Paul Dhaliwal was also charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest. They have a Jan. 15 court date.

Photo Credit: U.S. Marine Corps (Seriously. Semper Fi)