The gays (AKA the GLBTQQ[Q?] community) received a well-deserved tax break today - one afforded to heterosexual married couples for years. Domestic partners in the Golden State won the right yesterday to have the same property tax breaks as male-female couples do under state law, when they a loved ones dies. According to the Gate:

Domestic partners were granted the same rights under state Board of Equalization rules in 2003 and by a state law in 2005. Several county assessors challenged the tax break in court, arguing that the definition of change of ownership had become part of the California Constitution under Prop. 13 and later ballot measures and couldn't be expanded by the state board or the Legislature.

That is to say that if you, Joe Homosexual, lose your partner, Bruce Homosexual, you can keep his estate without having to pay property taxes, which would probably can't afford to do. Even if several other CA counties heartily disagree.

The Gate goes on to report that executive director of the gay-rights group Equality California, Geoff Kors, was ecstatic, saying "'[a] surviving domestic partner should not lose the family home because he or she must pay taxes that a surviving married spouse does not.'" Word.