Since we're reportedly under the breeziness of "hurricane"-like winds, can we name the storm? If so, can we name it "Mary-Kate," then? Great.

In addition to shutting down the Richmond Bridge, closing the ferries, screwing with the chi of (the) 101, and getting our demin damp, Mary-Kate has so far also caused over 518,000 residents in the Bay Area to lose power. (Including the Whole Foods on Fourth Street. Bah.) A PG&E spokesperson said that some of the lost power could take as long as tomorrow morning to restore.

Damn you, Mary-Kate.

Update: In case you don't know, or have since succumb to a fatal infection while waiting for a bus, Muni has some serious service disruptions today. A (truncated) list of Muni's weather-related SNAFUs after the jump.