Rejoice, space believers! For there is finally - yes, finally! - someplace you can go on l'Internet to read about such sci-fi-ness (excuse us, "science fiction-ness" for all of you purists) ranging from Samuel R. Delany to Joss Whedon to Small Wonder. Io9, a Bay Area-based blog care of Gawker, launched yesterday, and we couldn't be more thrilled. That is, until we read about their editor, Annalee Newitz.

Newitz seems like a fantastic piece of work. In her bio she says that, "[t]he first time I saw Star Wars I got so excited that I threw up." What's more, she wrote a book about monsters while she was lecturer at UC Berkeley, was obsessed with ending user license agreements while she was a policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and has an RFID tracking device implanted in her arm. Wow. What a dork. (She grew up in O.C.!) We think we're in love with her. Just awesome. (At last, someone new for us to stalk!)

Find out what on earth io9 means after the jump.