In our continuing Orwellian coverage, we present to you a BART fight captured on tape, which happened after midnight on New Year's Eve. Really now. We expect this kind of behavior on the 24-Divis or the 38-Geary, but not on BART. (It's classy and carpeted, for Christ's sake.)

Anyway, we can't understand exactly what happened - although it looks, save the fearless citizen journalist, like a lot annoying people deserved a good punch or three - but maybe New Year's Eve should now be banned, too? You be the judge.

Also, this is why, from our first year in elementary school up until today, we sit in the very front of the bus or train. Damn, bullies.

Oh, and if you have a moment, be sure to check out some of the choice running commentary from YouTubers. Such gems as "1 against 4. Typical cracker behavior," "Did that white guy call u 'nigga' Hahaha. Must have got on in Millbrae," and "When I ride BART, I'm packin'" are just darling.