The idea behind SFgo is that all of the lights in the city should be monitored and controlled by a central hub, so they can deal more effectively with traffic woes. It's a neat idea, and according to Muni, the work should be completed by 2004. As in, threeish years ago. Or possibly fourish [PDF].

So obviously, the project's PR hasn't been updated in quite some time. We tried emailing them for some more info -- and surprise, no response! This is what we mean by "secret project": it's not secret, just weirdly undocumented, at least for the public. How'd they ever manage to get $500K from the feds?

And check out the attached image, which we stole from the SFgo website. Looks pretty impressive, right? Like an awesome setup for monitoring the city's traffic lights? Yup. But hey, doesn't it sort of look exactly identical to the traffic monitoring room in Walnut Creek?