Behold, the tight-lipped duo who, at this point last week, couldn't have imagined the death and subsequent big-cat madness in store for them today. Under supervision at San Francisco General Hospital, due to severe bite and claw wounds since last Monday, Paul Dhaliwal, 19, and Kulbir Dhaliwal, 23, were released into the wild yesterday afternoon.

In addition to the brothers' hospital release, NPR reports that all the big cats at SF Zoo will most likely be sent to a sanctuary of sorts and that the zoo director, Manuel Mollinedo, has been asked to step down. Yikes. All of this, it seems, ties into today's (riveting) Chron report on the San Francisco Zoo's sketchy past, where incidents of gross mismanagement - such as koala kidnappings, sheep rape, an elephant performing "a headstand on a technician, breaking her pelvis," and last year's arm-flesh removal of trainer Lori Komejan by Tatiana - have occurred over the 78-year history at the "cursed" park.