We just heart reading Two Cents to find out what people on the streets of the Bay Area think about a wide range of local, national, and international topics.

The best comment of 2007, in our opinion, came from Rosey W. of Walnut Creek. The question was, "What do you want the next president to do about the federal law on marijuana use?"

Rosey's reply:

(Medical) marijuana use should be banned! Lives can be saved now. We need to help our people lead a productive life without aid from drugs that are addictive.

We of course think Rosey's words speak for themselves (although we're left wondering what Rosey thinks about non-medical marijuana). But to further illustrate Rosey's point, please view this memorable clip from the educational and informative Reefer Madness.

This, kids, can happen to you.

P.S. We've gotta give Rosey some props for expressing her opinion...