And the Curbed Cup award goes to: Hayes Valley. San Francisco's top hood took the crown with 262 votes (52.8%) over second-place Mission's 234 votes (47.2%). Total burn, Valencia Street!

And you know what? Well played, HV. Well played.

Ideally, it's just the perfect neighborhood. No, it really is. For starters, the area lies flat and stands as the nexus of many other neighborhoods. What's more, it has perhaps one of San Francisco's only non-pretentious wine/beer bars, a unaffected tragically-beautiful gay bar (venues that are slowly becoming relics outside of the Castro), has a reasonably-priced Gimme Shoes with a great sales rack, Suppenküche, and most important of all, they have a Walgreens. Sure, the neighborhood has some problems, but its imperfections make it just that more darling.

SFist shall celebrate this honor by visiting our nearest boutique and purchasing a whimsical home accent.

Image of the award-winning neighborhood from Wikipedia.