According to the Chronicle, SFPD are looking into whether or not one of the victims of SF Zoo tiger attacks "climbed over a waist-high fence and then dangled a leg or other body part over the edge of a moat that kept the big cat away from the public." With evidence of a shoe and some blood found in the area between the gate and the edge of the 25- to 30-foot-wide moat, as well as "pinecones and sticks that were found in the moat might have been thrown at the animal," zoo officials argue that Tatiana could have been provoked. Which? If that's the case, wasn't all too bright.

Zoo director Manuel Mollinedo tells the Chronicle that "[s]omebody created a situation that really agitated her and gave her some sort of a method to break out ... there is no possible way the cat could have made it out of there in a single leap. I would surmise that there was help ... a couple of feet dangling over the edge could possibly have done it."

Not sure why anyone in their right minds would climb over a "waist-high fence and dangle" themselves over the edge of the moat, but this is one argument that's being looked into now.