Calling all local photogenic Type A closeted homosexuals and ruthless burgeoning divas/mayoral girlfriends!

SF Auditions 411, a new Yahoo group, provides free audition listings and theater information for Bay Area thespians. In addition to audition listings -- ones that will slowly chip away at your fragile ego -- this group also provides a comprehensive list of links to Bay Area theater companies as well as a monthly calendar of up and coming auditions in the Bay Area. (More than enough time for all of you Strasberg disciples to annoy the hell out of your roommates and/or loved ones by getting into character.)

Seriously though, SF Auditions 411 seems like a great service. Especially for those of your interested in getting into the thespianic arts. Also, be sure to remember SFist in your future award acceptance speeches or, better yet, when you receive those fat residual checks as your art goes into syndication.