Other than hawking some of the cheapest yet most breakable electronics around, we simply refuse to believe that Walgreen's can do wrong. Just walking thought their aisles of colorful and affordable products makes us giddy. Well, at least we thought that they were affordable.

According to CBS 5, San Mateo County prosecutors claim that our beloved Walgreens has "agreed to pay $767,000 to four California counties to settle a claim of overcharging customers at its stores." (What! How could you?) It seems that after a routine inspection of Walgreens' price scanners, the Illinois-based chain failed to give many of their customers the lowest advertised price. And at times, according to the report, they even marked up the prices. The nerve.

Guess this means that we'll have to start checking our receipts, which could possibly lead to other dangerous behavior like balancing our checkbook and paying our bills in a timely fashion. Shudder. Still, how dare you, Walgreens. We now plan on buying our two-for-one sleeves of Pringles elsewhere. Hrumph.