If you're done with your pagan tree-worship holiday, head on over to MeTransCo's 511 Survey, and let them know just how bad they suck. 'Tis the season! You could win an iPod, as if you didn't already have four or five of them already.

The MTC is interested in how people use their services (if at all) -- for example, which of 511's many sites do you use most often? Or were you, like us, totally unaware that 511 even HAS multiple sites? Apparently they consider bicycling.511.org to be totally different from transit.511.org. Because nobody EVER mixes multiple forms of transit! That's like transportation-miscegenation! Which would be an awesome name for a Schoolhouse Rock song.

Anyway, go give 'em a piece of your mind. Let them know what you think of their worse-than-Duluth trip planner, and their circa-1995 mapping tech. And also how they STILL don't use Nextbus info. And how's about that navigation! No sir, not confusing at all. The holidays are a stressful time, and this is a great chance to let off some steam.

Unrelated: check out the '70s-pornstar busdriver in this bus rack instructional video.