A tiger mauled two visitors and killed another at the San Francisco Zoo today. Tatiana -- the same Siberian who mauled its own trainer last year, ripping the flesh from her arm in front of spectators -- escaped from her pen at around 5 p.m. Then, the feline "went on to fatally maul a visitor at the Terrace Cafe, an outdoor restaurant in the zoo located near the tiger pen."

SFPD arrived at the zoo to find the critically endangered cat on top of one of her victims. According to CBS 5, "the tiger then started moving toward [the] group of approaching police officers, and they opened fire with handguns," killing Tatiana. As of now, it's not known just how the tiger managed to escape, well, captivity.

The zoo was evacuated after the attack was reported and will remain closed tomorrow (12/26) out of respect for the victims,"described by authorities as men in their 20s."

Read more about today's tragic man vs. animal encounter here. Mayor Newsom's statement after the jump.