Man, that Jamie Lynn Spears story is tremendous. Just stupendously tremendous. And you know, of course, that Mrs Spears, mother of Jamie Lynn and Britney, actually had a contract to write a book on parenting, right? The book, as you might expect, is on hold right now.

Warriors 111 Timberwolves 98- Golden State's Magical Mystery Tour rolled back up north to Minnesota where they rallied in the second half to win. And by rally, we mean outscoring the T'Wolves by 20 in the third quarter (37-17) after being down by 14 at half. The Warriors are now 14-5 with Jackson back in the fold and are 2-1 on their killer road trip. If they get out of this trip with a .500 record, everyone should be darn happy.

-Anyone seen that movie "Idiocracy?" It's pretty bad, but it's central premise is that civilization is not "evolving" but "devolving." The reason is because while all the well-educated, intelligent folks aren't having lots of kids because they're too busy with their careers and self-actualizing, all the dumb-ass redneck hillbillies are. In other words, the Spears family.

-There is kind of a fun essay in the New Republic by a Giants fan trying to make sense of the whole steroids mess by pondering good ole Marvin Bernard. The writer mentions that as a Giants fan, his favorite memory is a home game in 2000 against the Dodgers when Bernard hit a game-winning walk off home run in the ninth inning, a game we remember too. But now that Bernard's known as a juicer, is that moment tarnished in any way? After all, Bernard probably wouldn't have hit it if he wasn't cheating. Hell, he might not have even been playing if he wasn't cheating. What he's wondering is how are we supposed to feel about all these baseball memories we've enjoyed over the past ten years or so when we’re no longer sure what we saw was what we saw?

Well, we enjoyed it, anyways.