After SFist (as well as a few others) specially called for this barrier, it has done gone up. Finally. Rejoice!

Way back in early '07, we reported that after January's motorist/cyclist accident, "17 drivers on eastbound Market made the illegal turn onto the freeway during the 61 minutes from 8:00 to 9:00 AM ... [t]hat's a lot -- about one illegal turn for every two cycles of the intersection's lights." Ack.

But will the new barrier work? Sure. But how well we can't say just yet. The barrier does look a tad flimsy -- a Mini Cooper having a bad day could take those tines down in seconds -- and a right turn is still possible, but only more difficult this time. Still, the $250 maximum fine might prevent most of your impatient and eager drivers from making the dangerous right turn onto the freeway.

Certainly this thing could have go up faster and cheaper, but let's not split hairs; after all, it's Christmastime. And at least it's up.