Not to be outdone by their wicked step-sister, UCLA, who all too tastefully/boringly galloped about in their panties on the streets of LA, UC Berkeley also had its traditional end-of-semester streak last week. But they did it in the raw. Hee.

The Daily Clog's Christine Borden captured the free-spirited perversity on film. And then had it taken down by the mustache-twirling puritans over at by YouTube. (!) It seems that last week's footage was too hot for the Internets -- which may be why media whorish UCLA students left on their delicates. Ingenious! (The clip above is of last semester's streak, which for some reason remains on YouTube to this day, corrupting minors across this great nation of ours.)

But have no fear. The Clog's Facebook page has last week's floppy NSFW footage right here. Enjoy. And Merry Xmas.