We love the idea of turning the Presidio into a destination. After all, it's a gorgeous place. Ridiculously beautiful parts of the Presidio make Golden Gate Park look downright crummy. And what with the new landscaping, it's sure to become the tourist destination it so richly deserves.

But it has a few obstacles, namely this Donald Fisher-proposed museum. While it's nice and pretty and "sedate but glassy," the area in unserved by local transit. Muni all but ignores the area, and it's impossible to get from the Presidio to anywhere else in SF. Frustrating.

What's more, they have an overabundance of atrocious, above-ground asphalt parking lots. Not to get all self-righteously privatization-of-space on you, but these expansive lots are ugly and serve only a few. With a worrisome lack of transit in the area, we understand that there exists a need for people to park over there, but it seems that an underground lot or tower would get the ugly autos out of the way. Really, no visitor is going to want to make a destination out of a parking lot. And the giant empty grass lawn? While we personally love the idea of a long stretch of neurotically-manicured emerald grass, for tourists it would come off as depressing and lonely as the parking lots.