This weekend in sports brought us victories by the Warriors, the Raiders and a color. In the defeated column-- and by defeated we mean severely-- are the 49ers who lost to a team lead by 44-year-old Vinny Testaverde.

Panthers 31 49ers 14- We repeat, the 49ers lost to a team that was led by 44-year-old Vinny Testaverde.

Raiders 34 Broncos 20- There's really no figuring this Raiders team out. A few weeks ago, they looked like they were toast. Then they beat the Chiefs. A few weeks ago, Josh McCown looked like toast. Then he went out and led the Raiders to their second win against a division opponent in a row (first time sionce 2002) And a few weeks ago, the defense looked like toast. Then they went out and stifled the vaunted Broncos’ running game and shut down Jay Cutler, thus dooming SFist's fantasy football team (thank you, Oakland, for choosing this week to remember how to play defense). Of course, the big news out of the game is the appearance on the field of JaMarcus Russell who came out for a spell, threw some passes, fumbled the bal and was soon replaced by McCown, his proverbial football cherry popped.

Warriors 109 Sonics 96- So it's apparent the force is still strong with the Warriors as they haven’t missed a beat from the final month of last season. The question, now is just where will this all get the team? Are we looking a contending team or a team still on the bottom rung of the Western Conference pecking order? Bruce Jenkins still thinks the Warriors are still only a 7th round playoff seed but at this point, who can really say what will happen at ths point? Is all this winning still just lightning in a bottle or is winning the new losing?